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Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches

Hold on Tight! - Get Ready for the Adrenaline Rush of Extra-Strong Nicotine Pouches


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Dare to explore the intense world of extra-strong nicotine pouches. Crafted for the boldest and most experienced users, these pouches deliver an unrivaled nicotine rush. With their powerful impact and unparalleled satisfaction, extra-strong pouches are the ultimate choice for those with a high nicotine tolerance seeking an exhilarating experience.

Our Extra Strong pouches consists of:

What makes an extra strong nicotine pouche?

We have choosen the direction of the sting, the strong feeling of using the pouch and have based a lot of it on our own usage!

Are extra strong nicotine pouches suitable for beginners?

We DO NOT recommend these pouches for beginners. These are for the advanced users that want a bigger kick.

Can extra strong nicotine pouches help me quit smoking?

They can, but if you are considering to stop smoking, we would recommend more easy and softer nicotine pouches to start with.

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