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White as snow and taste like mint.


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About White Fox

White Fox is a notable Swedish-Danish brand of nicotine pouches, renowned for its focus on invigorating and refreshing mint flavors. These pouches serve as an ideal replacement for your traditional tobacco-filled snus, especially for those in search of a more robust kick. Their commitment to delivering predominantly minty and cool flavors, such as Mint and Peppermint, distinguishes them from other brands.

One of White Fox's unique offerings is its "Double Mint" flavor, characterized by its intensely fresh and crisp taste. This product is favored among those craving a powerful and rich nicotine pouch experience. Engineered to deliver a potent kick, stronger than other brands, White Fox's nicotine pouches are a top-notch choice for smokers working towards quitting.

White Fox Flavors

White Fox is a recognized brand in the nicotine pouch market, known for its specific selection of flavors that cater to the mint-lovers' tastes and preferences. These flavors provide users with a gratifying and enjoyable experience as an alternative to traditional snus products.

Here are some of the flavors that White Fox offers:

White Fox's array of minty flavors ensures that there is something for every mint enthusiast. The brand is dedicated to providing an exhilarating and satisfying experience through their carefully formulated flavors, inviting users to try and find their favorite. If you're on the lookout for a potent, tobacco-free alternative with a refreshing selection of flavors, White Fox nicotine pouches are certainly worth trying.

What makes White Fox stand out?

White Fox distinguishes itself in the nicotine pouch market with its focus on minty flavors, powerful experience, superior quality products, sleek branding, and commitment to innovation. Its selection caters to the tastes and preferences of mint aficionados, emphasizing potent and impactful nicotine pouches. White Fox's premium ingredients and rigorous manufacturing processes ensure consistency, while their sophisticated and stylish branding resonates with their target audience. Constant research and development of new and refreshing mint flavors and improvements uphold their status as a unique brand.

Where is White Fox produced?

White Fox is produced in Sweden and Denmark.

Who owns the White Fox brand?

White Fox is owned by GN Tobacco, the same creators of the renowned Siberia brand.

What is the "Double Mint" flavor like?

The "Double Mint" flavor is characterized by its intensely fresh and crisp taste, offering a rich and powerful nicotine pouch experience.

Does White Fox offer any other non-mint flavors?

No, White Fox specializes in minty flavors, focusing on delivering a refreshing and cool experience to their customers.

How should I store my White Fox pouches?

White Fox pouches should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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