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Pablo Red

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20 pouches / can

Introducing Pablo Red

A tobacco-free and incredibly potent snus experience, featuring a fiery and cooling mint flavor that both burns and chills simultaneously. Each pack contains 20 premium nicotine pouches, carefully crafted to deliver an intense and unforgettable taste sensation. Pablo Red redefines the boundaries of flavor and satisfaction with its unique blend of mint, creating an invigorating experience that both ignites and refreshes your senses. These tobacco-free pouches are designed for experienced users seeking a powerful and exhilarating nicotine journey without the risks associated with traditional tobacco products. Embrace the thrilling fusion of heat and chill with Pablo Red Nicotine Pouches, and elevate your nicotine experience to unparalleled heights. Unleash the extraordinary power of Pablo Red and indulge in a world of unparalleled taste and intensity.  

Discover Pablo Snus

A trailblazing brand dedicated to redefining the nicotine pouch industry with its potent, tobacco-free offerings. Catering to experienced users seeking a powerful alternative to cigarettes or traditional tobacco products, Pablo Snus delivers an unmatched nicotine experience without the associated risks. At the heart of Pablo Snus's success lies a steadfast commitment to quality and potency. Their meticulously crafted nicotine pouches, made in Sweden, boast an minimum of 30 mg/g of nicotine per pouch, providing an intense nicotine kick for discerning customers. Pablo Snus takes pride in creating tobacco-free pouches using 100% natural pine and eucalyptus fibers as a base. This innovative approach not only ensures a cleaner experience but also eliminates the issue of nicotine-stained fingers, common with traditional tobacco products. The diverse range of flavors, from the invigorating Pablo Ice Cold to other distinctive blends, guarantees a flavor experience to suit every preference. The slim and discreet design of their pouches allows for convenient, on-the-go enjoyment without compromising on satisfaction. Explore the exceptional range of Pablo Snus nicotine pouches and experience the future of nicotine enjoyment, tailored for those who demand the very best.  

What does Pablo Red taste like?

Pablo Red Nicotine Pouches offer a unique and exhilarating taste experience, combining the fiery heat and cooling sensation of mint.

How strong is Pablo Red?

Pablo RED has a very high nicotine strength of 30 mg/g (24 mg/snus), which makes it an extremely strong nicotine pouch. This product is only recommended for experienced users who are used to high levels of nicotine.

How big are the Pablo Red pouches?

Pablo Red nicotine pouches are long, slim and discreet, and measure approximately 34mm in length and 11mm in width.

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