Strong Nicotine Pouches

Unleash the Power of Strong Nicotine Pouches


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Experience the satisfaction of strong nicotine pouches. Designed for users seeking a potent and exhilarating experience, these pouches deliver a powerful nicotine kick. Ideal for seasoned users or those with higher nicotine tolerance, strong pouches provide the ultimate level of satisfaction.

Our Strong pouches consists of:

What makes a nicotine pouche "Strong"?

We have choosen the sting and not the mg/g as indicator of strength. So the feeling of the pouch is what makes it's strength!

How long do extra strong nicotine pouches last?

They last as long as any other nicotine pouch! But the flavour and nicotine can be different, based on the brand and product.

How should I store my extra strong nicotine pouches?

We recommend storing them in a cool and dry area, so they can be fresh!

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