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Pablo Exclusive Pear

Extra Strong


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50 mg/g
20 pouches / can

Introducing Pablo Exclusive Pear

Chill out with the inviting taste of juicy pear in every can of Pablo Exclusive Pear. Each pack comes with 20 laid-back pouches, amped up with a potent 50mg/g nicotine level to offer you a chill yet buzzing experience. Pablo Exclusive Pear blends the sweet and crisp notes of ripe pear with just a hint of cool, making your day a little more refreshing. These pouches skip the tobacco, focusing on a slim and easy-to-use design that delivers comfort along with a serious nicotine punch for those in the know. Get lost in the mouthwatering world of Pablo Exclusive Pear and take your flavor trip to the next level. This is pear with a powerful kick, exclusively from Pablo.

Discover Pablo Snus

Pablo Snus is rewriting the rulebook on nicotine pouches, offering bold and tobacco-free options for people looking for something more from their nicotine. Whether you're trying to leave cigarettes in the past or just looking for a more modern tobacco alternative, Pablo Snus has got you covered with an experience that doesn't cut corners. The brand is deeply committed to quality and strength; every pouch is handcrafted and loaded with at least 30 mg/g of nicotine to provide a satisfying buzz.

The brand keeps it real by using only 100% natural pine and eucalyptus fibers. This choice not only ensures a cleaner experience but also eliminates those bothersome nicotine stains you'd get with traditional tobacco products. With a range of flavors from the cool Pablo Ice Cold to newcomers like Pablo Exclusive Pear, there's a pouch for every palate. And thanks to their sleek and discreet pouch design, you can enjoy Pablo Snus wherever life takes you, all without missing out on satisfaction. Take a tour of Pablo Snus's diverse selection and discover what the future of nicotine enjoyment looks like—crafted for those who won't settle for anything less than the best.

How does Pablo Exclusive Pear differ from other flavors in the Pablo Snus range?

Pablo Exclusive Pear is a unique offering that combines the fresh, juicy taste of ripe pear with a subtle cooling sensation. It's tailored for those looking for a sweet yet refreshing nicotine experience.

Is the nicotine strength the same in Pablo Exclusive Pear as in other Pablo Snus products?

Yes, Pablo Exclusive Pear maintains the same robust nicotine strength of 50mg/g as found in other Pablo Snus products, providing a strong and satisfying experience for seasoned users.

Can I order Pablo Exclusive Pear in bulk for a discount?

Yes, when ordering a 10 cans, you get free shipping + more discount!

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