Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit Snus

Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit

Extra Strong


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50 mg/g
20 pouches / can

Introducing Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit

Dive into a tropical vibe with the exhilarating taste of passion fruit. Every can is loaded with 20 sleek pouches, finely tuned with a strong nicotine content of 50mg/g, all set to give you a flavor-filled experience. Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit meshes the vibrant flavors of tangy passion fruit with a slight coolness, making every moment refreshing. The lean and subtle pouch design, void of tobacco, promises both ease and comfort. And for those well-versed in their nicotine adventures, the 50mg/g nicotine dose promises a hefty and memorable kick. Relish the vibrant allure of Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit and take your flavor journey to the next sunny level. Stand out with the vibrant dance of passion fruit and sheer potency only found in Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit.

Discover Pablo Snus

Pushing boundaries in the nicotine pouch world, Pablo Snus is the talk of the town with its strong, tobacco-free delights. For those searching for a top-tier substitute to smokes or old-school tobacco goods, Pablo Snus offers a nicotine ride that's second to none, minus the usual pitfalls. Rooted in Pablo Snus's DNA is a deep dedication to pristine quality and intensity. Handcrafted, these pouches pack a solid punch with at least 30 mg/g of nicotine, dishing out a robust nicotine buzz.

Pablo Snus is all about keeping it pure and top-notch, opting for 100% natural fibers from pine and eucalyptus. Not only does this bring a cleaner vibe to the table, but it also kicks to the curb those nasty nicotine stains often seen with old-school tobacco. From the lively Pablo Ice Cold to unique flavors like the new Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit, there's a taste for every mood. Their pouches' discreet and streamlined design is perfect for folks on the move, without skimping on pleasure. Dive into Pablo Snus's splendid lineup and get a sneak peek into the future of nicotine luxury, made for those with a taste for only the finest.

What's the main flavor profile of Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit

The primary flavor is that of tangy, tropical passion fruit with a subtle cooling sensation. It's designed to offer a refreshing and exotic experience.

How many pouches come in a single can of Pablo Exclusive Passion Fruit?

Each can contains 20 sleek, tobacco-free pouches designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

How do the natural fibers used in the pouches affect my experience?

The pouches use 100% natural pine and eucalyptus fibers, ensuring a cleaner, purer form of nicotine enjoyment. These fibers also eliminate the common issue of nicotine-stained fingers.

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