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About Wakey

Wakey emerges as a groundbreaking brand, crafted in the heart of Denmark, born out of the pursuit for a nicotine-free and tobacco-free alternative. Instead of simply mimicking the typical offerings in the market, Wakey introduced a bold twist: focusing on energizing caffeine with a potent 50 or even 100mg in each pouch. This innovative approach ensures that users receive a burst of energy without the drawbacks of nicotine or tobacco.

Wakey’s decision to be nicotine and tobacco-free is a testament to their commitment to healthier lifestyle choices while still satisfying the craving for a mouth-filling experience. Their pouches offer a novel solution for those looking for that familiar sensation without the associated risks.

Wakey Flavors

Inspired by the Danish tradition of quality and innovation, Wakey offers a collection of flavors that are both invigorating and refreshing. Their flavor choices reflect their brand's core mission – to awaken the senses and rejuvenate the spirit.

Dive into the exhilarating flavors Wakey boasts:


From the zesty punch of Citrus Blast to the icy freshness of Blizzard Mint, Wakey promises a flavor journey that's unmatched. The brand's dedication to natural taste and purity of ingredients is evident in each pouch, making every experience memorable. If you're searching for a nicotine and tobacco-free alternative that doesn't compromise on flavor or the energy kick, Wakey stands out as the ultimate choice.

What Sets Wakey Apart?

Wakey distinguishes itself by seamlessly merging Danish craftsmanship with modern consumer needs. Their emphasis on caffeine content, particularly with the 50mg and 100mg offerings, truly sets the brand apart in a market saturated with nicotine-focused products. Their commitment to quality, combined with a refreshing array of flavors and the energizing kick of caffeine, positions Wakey as a pioneer in the pouch market. For those who value authenticity, innovation, and a refreshing boost, Wakey is the brand to watch.

How long does the caffeine effect last?

The duration can vary based on individual tolerance, but the caffeine effect typically lasts between 30 minutes to an hour.

Is Wakey really nicotine and tobacco-free?

Yes, Wakey pouches are 100% nicotine-free and tobacco-free, focusing on providing an energizing boost from caffeine instead.

What is Wakey?

Wakey is an innovative brand that offers caffeine-infused pouches, crafted in Denmark as a nicotine-free and tobacco-free alternative.

What flavors does Wakey offer?

Wakey boasts a range of flavors including Citrus Blast, Cosmic Cola, Hyper Charge, Melon Wave, and Blizzard Mint.

Why was Wakey created?

Wakey was born out of the idea to offer a stimulating experience without the need for nicotine or tobacco, catering to those looking for an energizing boost.

Can I consume Wakey pouches daily?

Yes, but it's crucial to monitor your daily caffeine intake and ensure it's within recommended levels.

Where can I buy Wakey products?

You can buy Wakey right here at Nicovibes.com, with free shipping in all of Europe!

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