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Zafari Fresh Mint – Rainbow Edition



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Introducing Zafari Fresh Mint - Rainbow Edition

Zafari Fresh Mint - Rainbow Edition gives your palate an exciting twist while celebrating pride. Infused with a captivating mint flavor, these pouches are your ticket to a refreshing and invigorating experience. Each pouch boasts 10 mg of nicotine, making it a perfect choice for seasoned users seeking a powerful kick.

This special Rainbow Edition can is released in celebration of pride, adding an extra layer of meaning to your purchase. The pouches are crafted in a slim design, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit under your upper lip. Enjoy the convenience of consuming this product discreetly, wherever and whenever you like, as they are inconspicuous to those around you. The moist content assures immediate flavor and nicotine release, enhancing your overall experience.

About Zafari

Zafari thrives on delivering exotic and adventurous flavors to your taste buds. From flavors that mimic tastes across the globe, you're never short on options. While our Rainbow Edition Fresh Mint pouches are a nod to inclusivity and diversity, Zafari offers a myriad of other flavor journeys waiting to be explored.

Is the content of the pouches moist or dry?

The content of the pouches is moist, providing an immediate release of both flavor and nicotine as soon as you place it under your lip.

How much nicotine is in each pouch?

Each pouch contains 10 mg of nicotine, making it an ideal choice for experienced users who are looking for a robust experience.

What is special about the Zafari Fresh Mint - Rainbow Edition?

The Zafari Fresh Mint - Rainbow Edition is a unique offering that combines a refreshing mint flavor with a celebration of pride. Each can is specially designed to honor the LGBTQ+ community.

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