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Introducing Zafari Spicy Mango

Venture into a deep flavor experience with Zafari Spicy Mango pouches. Each pouch immerses you in the rich tapestry of ripe mangoes infused with a hint of exotic spice, creating a harmonious dance of sweetness and heat. With 10 mg of nicotine per pouch, this unique blend is tailored for seasoned users yearning for a multifaceted and invigorating sensation.

Crafted in a contemporary slim design, these pouches are precisely contoured for a discreet and comfortable fit under your upper lip. Their moisture-rich composition ensures an immediate release of the vibrant mango flavors, intertwined with subtle spicy undertones, delivering a prolonged taste adventure.

About Zafari

Zafari stands at the forefront of flavor innovation, meticulously curating blends that resonate with the discerning palate. From exploring the aromatic intricacies of global tastes to pioneering bold combinations like our Spicy Mango, Zafari promises an endless journey of sensory delight.

What is the pouch format of Zafari Spicy Mango?

The pouches are crafted in a slim design for discreet and comfortable use under the upper lip.

How is the "spiciness" level in the Spicy Mango pouches?

The spiciness is mild, providing a gentle heat that complements the sweetness of the mango.

Are there other flavors available in the Zafari range?

Yes, Zafari specializes in a diverse range of flavors, ensuring there's something for every palate.

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