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27 mg/g
20 pouches / can

Introducing V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+

Elevate your senses to unparalleled heights with V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+ Nicotine Pouches. Specially crafted for those who crave a powerful and invigorating experience, each pouch is a symphony of minty freshness that instantly enlivens your palate. Infused with a robust 27mg/g of nicotine, these pouches are a testament to strength and flavor, perfectly harmonizing to deliver an experience that is intensely refreshing and satisfying.

With V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+, every moment is an adventure of taste and sensation. The meticulously blended mint essence bursts forth with an icy coolness, leaving a lasting imprint of freshness on your senses. Each pouch is a beacon of purity and potency, promising a ride that is as exhilarating as it is flavorful.

Designed with connoisseurs in mind, Intense Mint &Boost+ breaks the boundaries of the conventional, offering more than just a nicotine pouch—it's a gateway to a realm of extraordinary satisfaction. The strong and impactful 27mg/g nicotine strength makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a more intense and vibrant journey through the world of flavors.

V&YOU’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Intense Mint &Boost+. The quality of the ingredients, the precision in crafting, and the unparalleled flavor profile all come together to create a nicotine pouch that stands out in its category. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious explorer, Intense Mint &Boost+ is your companion in discovering new heights of taste and potency.

About V&YOU

We meticulously curate products that align with our customers' dynamic lifestyles. That's why we're thrilled to feature V&YOU in our collection. Founded by industry veterans Ged Shudall, Titus Wouda Kuipers, and Markus Bonke, V&YOU stands as a testament to quality, choice, and vibrant living.

With a mission to enhance everyday experiences, V&YOU marries freedom of choice with unparalleled quality. Their open book policy ensures transparency in ingredients and sourcing, allowing us to confidently bring their products to you.

Anticipate more as V&YOU continues to innovate, and we remain committed to presenting their latest offerings.

What makes V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+ unique?

V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+ Nicotine Pouches are specially crafted with a robust 27mg/g of nicotine and meticulously blended mint essence for an intensely refreshing and satisfying experience, breaking the boundaries of conventional nicotine pouches.

Are the ingredients and sourcing of V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+ transparent?

Absolutely, V&YOU operates with an open-book policy ensuring transparency in ingredients and sourcing, allowing consumers to confidently choose their products.

How many pouches are included in each can of V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+?

Every can of V&YOU Intense Mint &Boost+ contains 20 top-quality nicotine pouches.

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