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Killa 13

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Killa 13

Killa 13 is a well-known nicotine pouch with a strong kick and long-lasting effects. It has a energy drink taste to it, giving it a great and wonderful taste reminiscent of party and energydrinks. This product is ideal for anyone looking for a powerful and intense nicotine pouch experience. The high-quality ingredients in the product ensure a consistent and dependable experience every time you use it, while the strong kick provides an intense and long-lasting experience. So, if you're looking for a strong and satisfying nicotine pouch, give Killa 13 a shot today!

About Killa

Killa nicotine pouches are made and produced in Denmark, by NGP Empire. Killa uses an average level of mg/g nicotine and focus on delivering cool and exciting flavors, much like their Bubblegum and Apple flavors. They offer a heavy kick and is primarily used, but not exclusive, to smokers who want to stop smoking. They also offer their flavor "13" which has an energydrink flavor. Killa is suited for most people and have a great variaty in strength.

What does Killa 13 taste like?

Killa 13 nicotine pouches offer a unique and energizing flavor experience, resembling that of an energy drink. This taste makes Killa 13 an ideal choice for those days or nights when you need a little something extra to get through the day.

How strong is Killa 13?

Killa 13 Extra Strong Slim is a potent nicotine pouch with a nicotine content of 16 mg/g. This tobacco-free product is designed for experienced users who are looking for an intense and powerful nicotine experience.

How big are the Killa 13 pouches?

Killa 13 nicotine pouches are long, slim and discreet, and measure approximately 34mm in length and 11mm in width.

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