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V&YOU Blueberry Ice &Focus



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Introducing V&YOU Blueberry Ice &Focus


Elevate your sensory experience to a whole new level with V&YOU Blueberry Ice &Focus Nicotine Pouches. Crafted for those looking for a lighter nicotine hit, each pouch envelops you in a blend of succulent blueberries and icy coolness, offering a truly refreshing experience. Inside every can, you'll find 20 top-quality pouches, each with a 6mg nicotine content and a gentle nicotine strength of 10mg/g.

V&YOU Blueberry Ice &Focus takes you on a unique journey, where the sweetness of ripe blueberries meets the invigorating chill of ice. This harmonious blend creates a sophisticated yet subtle taste experience that's perfect for those newer to nicotine pouches or anyone seeking a milder but delightful kick. True to V&YOU's standards, these pouches offer a modern, smoke-free, and spit-free alternative to traditional tobacco. Immerse yourself in a refined yet refreshing moment with V&YOU Blueberry Ice &Focus Nicotine Pouches, blending the best of both worlds—sweetness and chill.


About V&YOU

We meticulously curate products that align with our customers' dynamic lifestyles. That's why we're thrilled to feature V&YOU in our collection. Founded by industry veterans Ged Shudall, Titus Wouda Kuipers, and Markus Bonke, V&YOU stands as a testament to quality, choice, and vibrant living.

With a mission to enhance everyday experiences, V&YOU marries freedom of choice with unparalleled quality. Their open book policy ensures transparency in ingredients and sourcing, allowing us to confidently bring their products to you.

Anticipate more as V&YOU continues to innovate, and we remain committed to presenting their latest offerings.

Who’s behind V&YOU?

Founded by industry veterans, V&YOU is all about quality, choice, and enhancing your everyday experiences!

Why choose V&YOU Blueberry Ice &Focus?

For a harmonious blend of sweetness and chill, a refined taste, and a modern nicotine experience, it’s the go-to choice!

How many pouches in a can?

You'll find 20 top-quality pouches in every can, ensuring you have plenty to enjoy!

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