Iceberg Black Medium Snus

Iceberg Black Medium

Extra Strong


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20 mg/g
20 pusseja / purkki

Iceberg Black Medium

Get ready for a flavor explosion with Iceberg Black! This isn't your everyday snus, it's a party in a pouch. And the best news? It's all without any tobacco! You're all set for a carnival of taste, minus the tobacco.

Picture this: you're relaxing, pop in a pouch of Iceberg Black, and instantly you're hit with a blast of Tutti Frutti goodness. It's sweet, it's fruity, and it's an instant pick-me-up, whatever your day's looking like.

But Iceberg Black is more than just a Tutti Frutti flavor trip. It's about capturing that irresistible candy feeling. Remember the joy of digging into a bag of mixed fruity candies as a kid? We've bottled up all that fun and put it into our snus, so you can have a little taste of nostalgia anytime, anywhere.

So, if you're ready for something a bit different, give Iceberg Black a try. It's a sweet and fruity party for your taste buds that's sure to put a smile on your face. Let the good times roll with Iceberg Black. It's like a candy store in a pouch!

About Iceberg

Iceberg's story started with a simple goal: to make some of the strongest snus and nicotine pouches out there. And boy, have we done just that!

They have come a long way, and today, and stand tall as a tough competitor to brands like Siberia Snus. With Iceberg, you're not just getting a stronger hit of nicotine than with other pouches, you're getting an experience that's head and shoulders above the rest.

Their range isn’t just about strength though, it’s about taste too. Iceberg has got a flavor for every palate, whether you’re into the classic tastes or the more adventurous ones.

What sets them apart? Well, they don't just aim to compete with the big dogs, they aim to redefine the game. Iceberg is all about delivering a snus experience that's strong and flavorful. So, buckle up, and get ready for a ride with Iceberg. It's gonna be epic!.

What does Iceberg Black taste like?

Iceberg Black is all about that Tutti Frutti taste! Each pouch is packed with the sweet, fruity flavors that you remember from your favorite mixed candy bag. It's a little trip down memory lane, all in a snus pouch.

Is Iceberg Black really tobacco-free?

Yes, it is! Iceberg Black is totally tobacco-free. You get all the Tutti Frutti flavor and candy-like fun without any tobacco. It's all about enjoying the snus experience with a fruity, sweet twist.

Is the flavor of Iceberg Black as strong as other Iceberg products?

Iceberg Black delivers the same high-quality experience you expect from Iceberg, but with a unique, fruity spin. It's all about the taste of Tutti Frutti and the feeling of indulging in your favorite candies. So, while it's a bit different from our traditional flavors, it's still sure to give your taste buds a party!

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