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About Iceberg

Iceberg is a Polish brand of nicotine pouches renowned for its wide array of invigorating and novel flavours. These pouches present an optimal substitute for your tobacco-filled snus, particularly for those looking for a more potent kick. Their mission to offer bold and refreshing flavours, such as Dragonfire and Apple, sets them apart in the market.

One of Iceberg's unique offerings is its "Arasaka" flavour, characterized by its unique and exciting taste. This product enjoys popularity among those craving a more robust and intense nicotine pouch experience. Designed to deliver a heavier kick than other brands, Iceberg's nicotine pouches are an exceptional choice for smokers on a path towards quitting.

White Snus from Iceberg Snus

Iceberg Snus is a prominent brand in the category of all-white nicotine pouches, a tobacco-free snus variety gaining increased popularity in the snus market. With a diverse range of flavours and strengths extending from medium to extra strong, Iceberg provides options to suit all taste preferences.

White snus is characterized by its white color, which is a result of the product being completely free from tobacco. Instead of tobacco, which traditionally contributes both flavour and nicotine, the brand combines these elements to create a comparable experience. This results in a wide spectrum of flavour variations and strengths within Iceberg’s range of nicotine pouches.

The brand is not just a modern interpretation of traditional snus varieties but also an exemplar of how innovation and sustainability can converge to create a quality experience.

The brand continues to expand its range with new additions, showcasing the company's commitment to offering a varied selection. This development includes the launch of several new products, each representing Iceberg's dedication to providing diverse flavour options.

Iceberg Flavours

Iceberg is a distinguished brand in the nicotine pouch market, providing a wide-ranging selection of flavours that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. They offer users a satisfying and enjoyable experience as an alternative to traditional snus products.

These are some of the Snus they offer:

The brand is committed to delivering an exhilarating and delightful experience through their carefully formulated nicotine pouches, inviting users to experiment and identify their preferred choice. If you're seeking a stronger tobacco-free alternative with a rich and enjoyable selection of nicotine pouches, Iceberg nicotine pouches are absolutely worth considering.

Strength and Nicotine Content

Iceberg Snus offers a powerful range of strengths, from medium to extra strong, catering to the personalized preferences of its users. The nicotine content varies significantly, ranging from 20 mg/g to a potent 120 mg/g, allowing users to choose according to their desired intensity and satisfaction level.

Here's a breakdown of the varying nicotine strengths available:

  • Medium Strength - Offering a balanced nicotine content, typically around 20 mg/g, for those who seek a moderate but satisfying nicotine hit.
  • Strong - With a nicotine content around 50 mg/g, this option is favored by users looking for a robust and impactful nicotine experience.
  • Extra Strong - At the higher end of the spectrum, with nicotine content ranging from 100 mg/g to 120 mg/g, designed for seasoned users who demand the most potent nicotine delivery.

Each strength level is formulated to provide a distinct experience, ensuring that every user can find their perfect match within the Iceberg Snus range, whether they are looking for a gentle nudge or a powerful kick of nicotine.

What makes Iceberg stand out?

Iceberg sets itself apart in the nicotine pouch market with its diverse flavours, potent experience, high-quality products, crisp branding, and commitment to innovation. Its remarkable selection caters to various tastes and preferences, with an emphasis on stronger and more impactful nicotine pouches. Iceberg's high-grade ingredients and strict manufacturing processes ensure consistency, while their fresh and sleek branding resonates with their target audience. Ongoing research and development of new and engaging improvements secure their standing as a distinguished brand.

The History of Iceberg Snus

Founded to cater to the growing demand for tobacco-free snus, Iceberg Snus has carved a unique niche in the market. It harmonizes the age-old snus tradition with a modern twist, emphasizing health-conscious and environmentally friendly alternatives. Their products are designed with a keen focus on sustainability, aligning with the needs of today's eco-aware consumers.

Iceberg Snus has become a symbol of innovation in the snus industry, offering a wide array of flavours and strengths that appeal to the contemporary user. The brand's journey illustrates how traditional practices can be seamlessly integrated with modern demands for sustainability and responsibility.

Manufacturing Process

The production of Iceberg Snus is a meticulously crafted process that marries traditional techniques with the latest in technology and eco-friendly practices, ensuring the premium quality of their range.

  • Raw Materials and Ingredients: The brand utilizes top-grade raw materials to craft its nicotine pouches. The ingredients include plant fibers, flavorings, and nicotine, which is of high purity and sourced from reputable suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Production Facility: The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced machinery that adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring that every batch of Iceberg Snus meets the brand's stringent quality criteria.
  • Manufacturing Process: The raw materials are carefully blended to create distinctive flavor profiles. The quality of each product batch is guaranteed through rigorous quality controls and laboratory testing, ensuring that each pouch delivers on taste, consistency, and nicotine satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Iceberg Snus has established itself as a leading producer of tobacco-free nicotine pouches, with a steadfast commitment to maintaining high quality as a core aspect of their business philosophy. Every phase of their production process is intricately designed to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds industry standards and consumer expectations. This commitment to quality ensures that consumers enjoy a consistent, satisfying experience with every pouch of Iceberg Snus, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a tobacco-free alternative.

Each can of Iceberg Snus comes with a clear production date, ensuring you receive a fresh product. The shelf life is one year from the best-before date, allowing you to enjoy your snus at its peak quality. The meticulous attention to detail in the production process ensures a premium snus experience, from the heart of Poland to your doorstep.

How to Use Iceberg Snus: A Step-by-Step Guide

Iceberg Snus are tobacco-free nicotine pouches that offer a discreet, smokeless, and spit-free experience. They are designed to fit comfortably under your upper lip, providing a steady release of nicotine without the need for smoking or vaping. Follow these steps to enjoy your Iceberg Snus effectively.

Step 1: Select Your Flavour

  • Begin by choosing your preferred flavour of Iceberg Snus. The brand offers a variety of options, so pick one that appeals to your taste buds.

Step 2: Open the Can

  • Hold the can in your hands and twist the lid gently.
  • Lift the lid off to reveal the pouches inside.

Step 3: Take Out a Pouch

  • Gently pinch a single pouch between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Carefully remove it from the can, ensuring it remains intact.

Step 4: Position the Pouch

  • Lift your upper lip slightly to create space between your lip and gum.
  • Slide the pouch into this space, positioning it snugly against your gum. It should be placed where it feels comfortable and secure, typically just off-center.

Step 5: Enjoy the Experience

  • Once the pouch is in place, you can relax and enjoy the nicotine release.
  • You should start to feel a tingling sensation, which indicates that the nicotine is being absorbed.

Step 6: Duration of Use

  • Keep the pouch under your lip for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your preference and the intensity of the experience you desire.
  • Do not chew or suck on the pouch; just let it sit there.

Step 7: Dispose of the Pouch Responsibly

  • After you're done, remove the pouch from under your lip.
  • Dispose of it in a trash bin or use the disposal compartment in the can if it has one.
  • Ensure you don't litter, keeping the environment clean.

What is Iceberg?

Iceberg is a Polish brand of nicotine pouches, well-known for its unique and robust range of flavors. It is particularly noted for offering a stronger kick than other nicotine pouches.

What is the "Arasaka" flavor that Iceberg offers?

The "Arasaka" flavor is a distinctive offering from Iceberg, known for its unique and exciting peach taste. It is particularly popular among those craving an intense nicotine pouch experience.

Are Iceberg's pouches a tobacco-free alternative?

Yes, Iceberg nicotine pouches are a satisfying and enjoyable tobacco-free alternative to traditional snus products, offering a stronger kick.

Can I use Iceberg pouches anywhere?

Yes, Iceberg pouches are smokeless, which makes them a convenient choice for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it's essential to be respectful of others and dispose of used pouches appropriately.

How long does the flavor of an Iceberg pouch last?

The flavor duration can vary depending on the specific product and individual use. However, typically, the flavor of an Iceberg pouch can last for up to an hour.

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