Where to buy Velo in Croatia?

Velo in Croatia

Velo nicotine pouches are experiencing a surge in popularity in Croatia, as the country's interest in smoke-free nicotine alternatives continues to grow. In Croatia, Velo can be found in various retail outlets, each catering to different consumer needs.



Supermarkets such as Konzum and Plodine have become key destinations for Velo purchasers. These stores typically have a specific section dedicated to nicotine products, allowing shoppers to conveniently explore Velo's assortment of flavors while handling their routine grocery shopping.


Tobacco shops

For a more specialized selection, tobacco shops like Tisak and iNovine are important. These stores offer a broad range of nicotine products, including various Velo options. The staff in these shops are often well-informed and can assist customers in selecting the right product, making them ideal for those who prefer a more personalized shopping experience.


Other places

Velo has also made inroads into numerous convenience stores and kiosks, particularly in high-traffic urban areas and popular tourist destinations. This strategic placement ensures easy access to Velo for a wide range of consumers, including those who need to make quick purchases or tourists interested in local nicotine products.

Gas stations across Croatia, especially those situated along major highways and in busy city areas, have started to stock Velo. This availability caters to customers seeking the convenience of picking up their nicotine pouches during a quick stop.

The diverse availability of Velo in Croatia, encompassing large supermarkets, specialized tobacco shops, convenience stores, and gas stations, demonstrates the brand's commitment to meeting Croatian consumers' preferences. This extensive presence indicates Velo's growing appeal in the Croatian market and its readiness to cater to the evolving demand for quality smoke-free nicotine alternatives.


Nicovibes delivers to Croatia!

In conclusion, while Velo is available through various retail channels in Croatia, the most effective and convenient way to purchase these nicotine pouches is through Nicovibes.com. Nicovibes offers a seamless online shopping experience, providing Croatian consumers easy access to a wide range of Velo products. The platform stands out for its competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for those seeking value for money. Additionally, Nicovibes enhances the overall customer experience by offering free shipping on orders. This combination of affordability, convenience, and the benefit of free delivery makes Nicovibes the premier choice for purchasing Velo in Croatia, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-effective way for consumers to enjoy their preferred nicotine products.

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