VELO: The New Era of Nicotine Pouches in 2024

In the ever-evolving world of nicotine pouches, a significant shift has occurred as the well-known LYFT brand transitions to VELO. This change, taking effect in 2022, represents not just a rebranding, but a strategic evolution in the nicotine pouch market.

Understanding the Transition from LYFT to VELO

For many, especially in Sweden, LYFT has been a familiar and strong presence in the nicotine pouch scene. However, in a move to unify its brand identity, LYFT will now be known as VELO nicotine pouches across all markets. This transition aims to streamline the branding and offer a singular, cohesive product line. In regions like the UK and the Netherlands, where LYFT had a less pronounced presence, Velo has emerged as a new and promising player in the market.

A Closer Look at LYFT and VELO

The rebranding to VELO isn't merely about a new name; it also brings a renewed focus on responsible and sustainable nicotine pouch use. For loyal LYFT users in Sweden, this shift might seem significant, given LYFT's strong market position. But with familiar flavors and designs being incorporated into the VELO nicotine pouches, the transition is expected to be smooth. In fact, it's likely that in a year, the memory of LYFT as a standalone brand will have faded into the background.

It's crucial to note that despite the rebranding, there's no change in the quality, taste, nicotine content, or form of the products. VELO continues to offer the same high-quality nicotine pouches that LYFT was known for. Additionally, the range of flavors, particularly the popular LYFT Mint varieties, remains as diverse and exciting as ever, maintaining LYFT's legacy as a leading tobacco-free snus brand in the EU.

Diving into the World of LYFT Flavors

As a final homage to the LYFT brand, let's delve into some of its most popular flavors, all of which will continue to exist under the VELO brand.

LYFT Freeze X-Strong

One of the standout flavors, LYFT Freeze X-Strong, has been a tsunami of success across Europe. This flavor is known for its ice-cold sensation, reminiscent of a snowy Swedish landscape. With a nicotine strength of 15.6mg/gram, it offers a robust experience, although it may not be as intense as some competitors. Nevertheless, its unique cooling taste has made it a favorite among mint snus enthusiasts.

LYFT Ice Cool Strong

Another member of the LYFT Mint family, LYFT Ice Cool Strong, offers a slightly different experience. It combines peppermint with a balanced sweetness, creating a fresh and moderately strong nicotine experience with a 14 mg/g concentration.

LYFT Tokyo Zing

LYFT Tokyo Zing stands out with its unique ginger and citrus flavor profile, offering a spicy yet refreshing experience. This flavor, with a nicotine strength of 14mg/g, is a delightful variation for those looking to mix up their nicotine pouch routine.

LYFT Ruby Berry

Formerly known as LYFT Strawberry Bloom, LYFT Ruby Berry is a delightful blend of strawberries and red berries. With a nicotine strength of 8mg/g, it's a perfect choice for those seeking a milder yet flavorful experience.


LYFT Mint is a classic, offering a sweet spearmint taste with a menthol kick. This flavor, also at an 8mg/g nicotine strength, is a testament to LYFT's commitment to high-quality, varied flavors.

Other Notable LYFT Flavors

In addition to the above, LYFT has offered a wide range of exciting flavors like LYFT Lime Strong, LYFT Tropical Breeze, LYFT Liquorice Strong, LYFT Winter Chill X-STRONG, LYFT Caribbean Spirit, LYFT Urban Vibe, and LYFT Mini Royal Purple. Each of these flavors has its unique appeal, contributing to LYFT's diverse portfolio.

Transition to VELO: Seamless and Exciting

As we embrace the transition from LYFT to VELO, it's evident that the essence of what made LYFT popular will continue under the new branding. The same high-quality nicotine pouches, now under the VELO name, will still be available for those who have come to love and rely on them.

For any inquiries or questions about the transition, the range of flavors, or other nicotine pouch options, customer support remains readily available. This change marks not just a new chapter for the brand but also an opportunity for users to explore the diverse world of nicotine pouches further.

So, whether you're a seasoned LYFT enthusiast or new to nicotine pouches, the introduction of VELO is an exciting development in the world of smokeless tobacco products. Embrace the change, explore the flavors, and enjoy the high-quality experience that VELO promises to deliver.

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