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Pablo Exclusive Pear

Extra Strong


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50 mg/g
20 pouches / can

Introducing Pablo Exclusive Pear

Relax with the inviting taste of juicy pear in every can of Pablo Exclusive Pear. Each pack contains 20 laid-back pouches, each amplified with a potent 50mg/g nicotine level to offer you a chill yet buzzing experience. Pablo Exclusive Pear combines the sweet and crisp notes of ripe pear with just a hint of cool, making your day a little more refreshing. These pouches forgo tobacco, focusing on a slim and easy-to-use design that delivers comfort along with a serious nicotine punch for those in the know. Immerse yourself in the mouthwatering world of Pablo Exclusive Pear and elevate your flavor journey to the next level. This is pear with a powerful kick, exclusively from Pablo.

Discover Pablo Snus

Pablo Snus is redefining the norms of nicotine pouches, offering bold and tobacco-free options for those seeking more from their nicotine. Whether you're aiming to leave cigarettes behind or simply searching for a more modern tobacco alternative, Pablo Snus has you covered with an experience that doesn’t compromise. The brand is deeply committed to quality and strength; every pouch is meticulously crafted and infused with at least 30 mg/g of nicotine to provide a satisfying buzz.

The brand remains authentic by exclusively using 100% natural pine and eucalyptus fibers. This choice not only guarantees a purer experience but also eliminates the nuisance of nicotine stains associated with traditional tobacco products. With a variety of flavors, from the refreshing Pablo Ice Cold to newcomers like Pablo Exclusive Pear, there’s a pouch to suit every palate. And, thanks to their sleek and discreet pouch design, you can enjoy Pablo Snus wherever life takes you, without sacrificing satisfaction. Explore Pablo Snus’s diverse range and discover what the future of nicotine enjoyment holds—crafted for those who demand nothing but the best.

Wie unterscheidet sich Pablo Exklusiver Birne von anderen Geschmacksrichtungen im Pablo Snus Sortiment?

Pablo Exklusiver Birne ist ein einzigartiges Angebot, das den frischen, saftigen Geschmack von reifer Birne mit einem dezenten Kühleffekt kombiniert. Es ist maßgeschneidert für diejenigen, die ein süßes und dennoch erfrischendes Nikotinerlebnis suchen.

Ist der Nikotingehalt in Pablo Exklusiver Birne genauso hoch wie in anderen Pablo Snus Produkten?

Ja, Pablo Exklusiver Birne behält die gleiche kräftige Nikotinstärke von 50mg/g bei, wie sie in anderen Pablo Snus Produkten zu finden ist und bietet ein starkes und befriedigendes Erlebnis für erfahrene Benutzer.

Kann ich Pablo Exklusiver Birne in großen Mengen für einen Rabatt bestellen?

Ja, wenn Sie 10 Dosen bestellen, erhalten Sie kostenlosen Versand + zusätzlichen Rabatt!

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